How Important Is Fiber?

How Important Is Fiber?

To understand how important is fiber for your diet, and why is recommended in almost every diet plan and healthy weight loss program, let’s see first what are the effects of fiber on our health.

There are two kinds of fiber:

Soluble Fiber

Is the kind of fiber that can be digested by our body. Because it binds with fatty acids, the soluble fiber lower the cholesterol level therefore reducing the risk of heart disease. Also regulates blood sugar for people with diabetes.

Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber cannot be digested by the body. Therefore it passes through your gut without being broken down, and helps other foods to move through your digestive system more easily. This is very important for preventing constipation, bloating and other digestive problems. Other function of insoluble fiber is to control and maintain an optimal pH in intestines, thus preventing colon cancer.

High Fiber Foods

The best sources for soluble fiber:

  • oat, oat bran
  • nuts
  • dried peas and beans
  • psyllium husk
  • flax seeds
  • fruits, like apples, figs, blackberries, bananas, pears, oranges
  • barley

Best sources of insoluble fiber:

  • wholemeal bread
  • wholegrain rice
  • wholegrain breakfast cereals
  • wheat oat
  • corn bran
  • seeds and nuts
  • fruit skins and root vegetable skins
  • green beans
  • dark green leafy vegetables

You don’t don’t have to worry about which kind of fiber to choose, soluble or insoluble. Most of these foods have both kind of fiber; what you should take care of is a daily intake of fiber. The fiber is helping in weight loss, as it helps digestive system and makes you feel full for a longer time.

If is hard for you to follow a diet high in fiber, then fiber supplements are a good choice too. Is important to drink plenty of water with these supplements.

Is a well known fact that our modern, fast food diet is missing many essential nutrients, and fiber is one of them. Colon cancer is the third cause of death in US. Even a minimum amount of fiber in our daily diet can prevent many of these cases. Also recommended in many stomach problems, as i explained in How to make your stomach smaller or in Stomach Fat Tricks. If you are willing to do one small change with big benefits for your health, then start increasing your fiber intake on a daily basis.