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“Skeptical? I Don''t Blame You. I Felt The Same Way. So I Compiled a Bunch of Proof I''ve Found On The Internet That Convinced Me To Give it A Try. Enjoy it” - Laura =)

Dr Perricone puts the Acai Berry as the number #1 superfood on Oprah Winfrey

Live on Oprah he stated that this is one of the greatest superfoods in the world.

Below is a video on Fox news.

The juice form of the Acai Berry is expensive and definitely not as effective as pure extracts of Acai Berry in pill form.

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Here''s one of the videos from Rachael Ray

Monavie is the juice form of Acai berry.. it''s expensive and you know what else? 4 pills of

Pure Acai Berry Extract in Pill form equals one juice bottle of Monavie... it''s simply not worth it to get the juice form.

Here''s a video from Dr.Pennington on Fox news.

This is truly a superfood and although it''s not a cure for cancer, it''s definitely one of the top discoveries in nutrition and health science.

So stop procrasinating and get these free bottles before everyone else grabs it! You will experiencing amazing results most people won''t ever know about. Acai Berry combined with Colon Cleansing... try it and you''ll find out what everyone is talking about.

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